DJI Releases Its First Ground-based Robot - Hitecher
Вышел первый наземный робот от DJI

DJI Releases Its First Ground-based Robot

by Hitecher

Chinese brand DJI is famous throughout the world as a multicopter manufacturer. But the company has apparently decided to try hand in a new capacity and released its first ground-based robot.

The device is called RoboMaster S1. By choosing this particular name for the robot, the manufacturer made a reference to the annual robotics competition of the same name.

The robot is sold as a set of wheels, a gimbal fitted with a toy gun for firing gel bead projectiles and the «armor». The latter not only performs a decorative function, but also counts the strikes hitting the toy and has sensors to navigate the terrain. The kit also includes electric motors and a 2400 mAh battery. It lasts for about half an hour of use.

A buyer also receives a controller that recognizes different types of instructions and helps the toy to plot its routes. The owner can also write his own instructions significantly increasing the capabilities of RoboMaster S1. It will go on sale at $ 500.


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