Caterpillar robots: the future of delivery? - Hitecher
Гусеничные роботы — будущее мира доставок?

Caterpillar robots: the future of delivery?

by Hitecher

Many companies are developing their own delivery robots, with a variety of solutions available on the market. The key drawback of most developments is their inability to handle steps and staircases. Japanese company Amoeba Energy has easily solved this problem by building a device based on a tracked chassis.

The new caterpillar robot can easily move across staircases and rough terrains, using the chassis to hang on to ridges on the surface. Until now, only the prototype of the device has been revealed, but developers assure that we will see the final model very soon: production starts next year.

The caterpillars were made of ethylene propylene rubber — a material that enables high traction with the surface and makes the machine more stable. The video published by Amoeba Energy clearly shows how its chassis blocks connect with the stairs and the robot moves along the staircase with remarkable agility.

The machine will go to production under the name AE-01. One robot will be able to carry packages up to 6 kg.


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