Buchla Thunder: the new best friend of gamers and musicians - Hitecher
Buchla Thunder – лучший друг геймеров и музыкантов

Buchla Thunder: the new best friend of gamers and musicians

by Hitecher

Sensel announced plans to build the multifunctional Morph interface back in 2015. Funding for the project was collected two years later, and the company has just released the Buchla Thunder controller, which was created as an overlay for Morph.

Buchla Thunder is a MIDI controller equipped with sensor keys that react to the user’s touch. The exterior of the gadget was designed by John Buchla, who was inspired by tools used by Native Americans.

The device can be connected to any other gadgets with Bluetooth or cable connection options. Its intended functions include music and computer game development, as well as programming and other tasks. The button functions can be changed, so each user is free to customize Buchla Thunder to their personal needs. There are also settings for the movement vector of the user’s finger along the key and the amount of pressure applied, so one key can perform several different tasks at once.

The controller is currently being sold at a price of $269, but people who participated in the financing phase during the crowdfunding campaign will be able to purchase it for a reduced price of $56.


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