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Роботы SpotMini от Boston Dynamics попробовали себя в роли грузчиков

Boston Dynamics SpotMini Robots Try Themselves as Loaders

by Hitecher

Boston Dynamics has long been focused on the robot market, but it still remains a research rather than a commercial company. However, according to its management, this year, with the release of the SpotMini machine, things will change for the company.

According to Marc Raibert, Boston Dynamics CEO, anybody who has the required amount of money can buy a robot. The sales start date is not yet known, but judging by the video recently published by the company, it is just around the corner.

The video shows ten SpotMinis pulling a huge truck. It suggests that four-legged robots have impressive traction power and excellent grip with the surface.

It means that the machines can find commercial application, for instance, for performing loading operations in areas that are not easily accessible for regular handling machinery. The main argument in favor of the project’s commercial success is a real need of the economy for such devices.


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