Archeologists Rediscover Ancient Mayan Temple - Hitecher
Археологи обнаружили древний храм майя

Archeologists Rediscover Ancient Mayan Temple

by Hitecher

Remarkably, the temple was nearly discovered in 1966 by researcher Victor Segovia Pinto. He missed the incredible find by a few hundred meters and it remained untouched for another half-century – to this day.

A chamber stockpiled with a more than a hundred and fifty artifacts was discovered by Gran Acuífero Maya scientists. Its underground location can be easily explained: it is well known that the Maya considered caves to be portals to the underworld known as Xibalba. Fearing the wrath of the gods that ruled there, the Maya made underground temples and brought their offerings there.

The antiquities discovered include vases adorned with the images of gods, a stone throne and ceremonial statues. Archaeologists believe that the cave was used as a sanctuary approximately from the 7th to 10th centuries. They came to such conclusions by examining the nature of the paintings and the chemical composition of residues covering the artifacts.

The treasures discovered will help scientists reconstruct the daily life of the ancient civilization in more detail by opening its secrets. Excavations are still underway, so new finds can be expected.


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