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Alfa-X — японский поезд-пуля

Alfa-X — a Japanese Bullet Train

by Hitecher

Alfa-X is a high-speed train presented by JR East this week. The maximum speed the train can travel with is 400 kilometers per hour, which makes it the world’s fastest commercial passenger train.

The train’s standard operation speed will be 360 ​​kilometers per hour. To check the new train in operation, JR East has already started the tests. In the next three years, a 10-car train will run services between the cities of Aomori and Sendai once a day, and in the future, the route will be extended to Sapporo. The company promises that sales on Alfa-X will start by 2030.

The train has a modern sleek design. Alfa-X has a 22-meter long nose to reduce wind resistance. In addition to the standard braking system, the train is equipped with air brakes and magnetic plates enabling it to slow down.

Representatives of JR East reported that the bullet train will be equipped with high-tech shock absorbers that will make it more stable. It is especially important in Japan, a country with high seismic activity.


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