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A Young Inventor Builds Himself a Prosthesis with Lego Pieces

by Hitecher

19-year-old David Aguilar studies bioengineering at a Barcelona university. The young man was born without a right forearm, so he decided to make himself a prosthetic forearm.

Lego sets have been used to make lots of unexpected things, but the most outstanding product made of Lego building blocks was designed by a Spanish student David Aguilar. It is an autonomous prosthetic right forearm the young man built for himself as he was born without one. He made his first prosthesis model at the age of 17, and now the would-be engineer is working on its fourth version.

David has been thinking of creating a robotic forearm since his childhood inspired by the Iron Man comic series. The young man admits that back then he wanted to be like other guys… with two hands. Later on, the boy realized that his condition was not an obstacle to a full life, but he did give up his dream to become a bioengineer. A few years later, he entered the International University of Catalonia to study relevant sciences.

While working on his prosthesis David tried numerous Lego sets trying to find the most suitable one. He considers helping people who are missing limbs the goal of his life. With his understanding of the problems faced by disabled people, the young man is sure to make his inventions inexpensive, functional and available to those who need them.


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