A super hero’s suit demonstrates its worth on the army assault course - Hitecher
Супергеройский костюм показал себя на армейской полосе препятствий

A super hero’s suit demonstrates its worth on the army assault course

by Hitecher

Inventor Richard Browning wearing his futuristic suit covers an army assault course and impresses the British military.

Gravity Industries Ltd was set up in 2017 by Richard Browning a retired Royal Marine reservist. After leaving the service, he decided to devote himself to the development of incredible devices – something we come across on the pages of superhero comics, or in fantasy films.

Browning took his business seriously, presenting that same year Daedalus Mark 1 – an unusual suit, the likes of those one could see in a blockbuster film. He unveiled it at the Comic Con, an international festival held in San Diego, California (USA).

The Daedalus Mark 1 is powered by several jet engines that allow the user to literally soar in the air. The set is complete with a special display from which the unit is controlled.

Just a few days ago, Browning, to demonstrate the invention’s advantages, covered the assault course, which serves to train professional military personnel.

The military watched the process and who knows maybe in future the armed forces will be using devices built on the Daedalus Mark 1 basis.


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