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Найден способ снизить потребление электричества на 30%

A new way to reduce electricity by 30%

by Hitecher

Arcadia Power is a unique ‘green’ project aimed at solving ecological problems in the USA. If the experiment is successful, the technology might spread to the rest of the world as well.

People from all walks of life, regardless of their financial status, strive to reduce their electrical bills. At the same time, companies working on innovation in energy have trouble finding consumers for their products and experience a number of other difficulties.

The Arcadia Power project will solve problems for both sides. This is an intermediation platform for energy companies, their clients and other interested parties.

A new way to reduce electricity by 30%

This platform can help find like-minded people to install wind generators and solar panels together, select the right contractor, or on the other end — find a wider client base for an energy company’s services. The project makes it much easier for large amounts of people to connect to alternative energy sources.

A new way to reduce electricity by 30%

Arcadia Power is also a platform for investment in innovation in the energy sector, where you can provide financial support for your favourite projects. The platform charges money for this service, but according to participants, they managed to reduce their electric bill by a third last year, so the investment definitely pays off.


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