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What it the hash rate

by Ethan Oakes

Mining success directly depends on the equipment used in the process. Video cards have many variables impacting...

Mining success directly depends on the equipment used in the process. Video cards have many variables impacting the result of computing operations, but the most important parameter is the hash rate. Let us have a closer look at it.

What it the hash rate?

Mining is a consecutive selection of numbers called hash. The hash rate reflects the speed with which a video card finds hash. The higher the device performance, the higher is the hash rate.

All blockchain networks are becoming increasingly complex, that is why mining of every additional coin requires higher power inputs. So, one should buy a video card with a maximum hash rate in order to generate the highest mining profit. You should not, however, buy the most expensive equipment but select the one most suitable for the cryptocurrency you intend to work with. The point is that hashing mechanisms vary across different platform types. That’s why some video cards may be more suitable for any particular currency than the other ones.

How is the hash rate measured?

How is the hash rate measured?

Hash rate measurement units.

  • H/s.
  • MH/s (MegaHash/sec.)
  • GH/s (GigaHash/sec.)
  • TH/s (TeraHash/ sec.)
  • PH/s (NetHash/ sec.).

We want to point out from the outset that the lowest-level units (H/s) are not used any more as the performance of any equipment is significantly higher today, and growing every year. The time when we’ll see some new measurement units denoting much higher figures may not be that far away.

How to find out your hash rate?

How to find out your hash rate?

You can find out your video card’s hash rate if you install specialised software on your computer. If you are just thinking about buying mining equipment, you can easily find information on the device’s hash rate in the Internet. There are also specialised services enabling to compute your mining income on the basis of your video card’s hash rate. So you can prepare your business plan and calculate in advance your profits and losses for months ahead.


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