What will a 3D-printed housing development look like? - Hitecher
Как будет выглядеть поселок, целиком напечатанный на 3D-принтере?

What will a 3D-printed housing development look like?

by Hitecher

Construction is considered one of the most promising areas for 3D-printing application. It’ll soon help provide affordable housing to low-income families.

In just a few months, Latin America will witness the launch of a project involving 3d-printing of a housing development to become home for low-income families. In this way, the project’s authors expect to eliminate poverty in the region.

New Story, a non-profit organization in partnership with Yves Béhar Fuseproject design studio and the construction company Icon is to translate the ambitious plan into reality.

In 2018, Texas hosted the SXSW festival featuring a 32 sq. m house created on a Vulcan printer. The project cost $10,000 and took two days to complete. The new project will use the more advanced Vulcan II model, twice as efficient as its predecessor.

The new houses will offer everything people need for comfortable living in the hot and highly humid region. Printing is scheduled to start in a few months.



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