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Прогноз погоды с AR перепугал зрителей

Viewers Scared by Weather Forecast with AR Elements

by Hitecher

In 2018, American Weather Channel started adding AR elements to its programs. A clear picture supporting the information presented by the hosts improves viewer perception. One of the latest programs has become a direst forecast.

The reason was that the program showed American cities getting perennially flooded due to rising sea levels. The intention of the program authors was to draw public attention to environmental issues. The channel staff tried so hard that the program terrified the viewers evoking a wide public response.

Program host Jen Carfagno takes the viewers on a journey through the flooded streets of Charleston, the oldest US city. It is located only 4 meters above the sea level which categorizes it as one of the first places to be flooded. Some environmentalists believe that it will happen at the end of this century due to global warming that leads to the melting of glaciers and thermal expansion of water.


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