Valet Parking Robots to Park Our Vehicles - Hitecher
Парковкой наших автомобилей займутся роботы

Valet Parking Robots to Park Our Vehicles

by Hitecher

The technology developed by a French brand will help you to park a car, where there seems to be no space at all.

Many tasks that are nowadays considered trivial will in future be performed using artificial intelligence. Stanley Robotics which is currently testing robot valets, is trying to bring that future closer to us.

The robot’s small size makes it highly maneuverable even in the densest traffic. It drives up to the car that needs to be parked, gently slides under it, lifts and takes it to the desired parking lot. The services of such an assistant can be booked using a special terminal.

The device is equipped with a sophisticated navigation system enabling it to easily find its way, determine the fastest routes and interact with other vehicles whether the robot is behind, in front of or beside them.

Parking lots equipped with valet parking robots will generate high profits as they will be able to accommodate 30% more vehicles. Such efficient space utilization is achieved by the robot parking vehicles closer to one another and blocking the doors, which was made possible once human drivers had been excluded from the process.



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