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Тойоту отправят на Луну

Toyota will put a car on the moon

by Hitecher

The famous auto manufacturer is always trying itself in new fields. The company has recently announced an interest in conquering space. Toyota plans to manufacture a rover that will transport astronauts across the surface of the moon.

The moon rover was commissioned by JAXA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. The future automobile will be extremely versatile: astronauts will feel at home riding in it, as it will provide them with complete freedom of action. Inside the vehicle, astronauts will even be able to take off their spacesuits.

The living space inside the rover will cover an area of 13 square meters, and the vehicle itself will have the length of two minibuses. Developers believe that this space will be enough to ensure comfort for passengers. The vehicle will run on solar batteries with a full charge lasting 10 thousand kilometers.

The rover will be launched to the surface of the moon in 2029. It will make the trip on its own and will work autonomously, awaiting the arrival of astronauts at a convenient location. The rover’s appearance was revealed in a video posted on Toyota’s official YouTube channel.


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