Tiny racing drone built in the Netherlands - Hitecher
В Нидерландах создали крошечный дрон для участия в гонках

Tiny racing drone built in the Netherlands

by Hitecher

How small can a drone get? A team of Dutch scientists tried to find the answer to this question. The device created by the researchers is not only small in dimensions, but can also work in a fully autonomous mode.

Engineers from the Delft University of Technology have introduced an unusual invention: the world’s smallest autonomous drone intended for racing. The capabilities of the device have already been demonstrated at the TU Delft Cyberzoo competition and it is currently in the process of fine-tuning: scientists plan on equipping the drone with a computer vision system. The developers see these competitions as an excellent opportunity to promote their creations and position them in the market.

The device is devoid of sensors or any other gadgets, except for a single tiny camera which is used to correct flight trajectory. The absence of energy-intensive and heavy appliances has made it possible to significantly shrink the drone: it is a record 10 cm in length, with a weight of 72 grams. The device can reach a speed of 2 m/s. It can fly along predetermined routes.


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