The Lazareth flying motorcycle lifts off into the air - Hitecher
Авиамотоцикл Lazareth поднялся в воздух

The Lazareth flying motorcycle lifts off into the air

by Hitecher

Lazareth, a French motorcycle brand, has recently posted a video featuring the flight of the Moto Volante model presented last year. With this, the company has dispelled the skeptics’ assumption that the bike is not destined to fly.

All Lazareth motorcycles have an unusual futuristic design and with its striking appearance, Moto Volante is no exception. However, many experts believed that Moto Volante is just an exhibit, not ready for real flights. A recent video posted by the company refutes this gossip, showing how the device easily lifts off into the air and lands just as smoothly.

The bike weighs 140 kg; it is a modification of the Lazareth LM-847 motorcycle. Among the differences are 96,000-rpm Jet Cat turbines and hydraulic actuators to convert the bike from ride to fly mode. Moto Volante can drive on simple roads and fly in the air.

Next time the motorcycle will be demonstrated this year in Dubai at the Gitex exhibition. It will be priced at about $560,000.


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