The first solar eclipse video is now available in 4K - Hitecher
Первое видео солнечного затмения теперь доступно в 4K

The first solar eclipse video is now available in 4K

by Hitecher

The first solar eclipse was captured on camera in 1900. The author of the historical video was the conjurer Neville Maskelyne, an astronomy and radio engineering fan. This legendary film is now available in 4K.

Video recordings made in space are available to anyone in the 21st century — and this is something people couldn’t even dream about earlier. Even solar eclipse images seemed to be something extraordinary. An astronomical eclipse was first recorded on film in 1900.

The author of the sensational material was Neville Maskelyne, a British conjurer whose hobbies covered a variety of sciences helping him to devise new tricks.

The one-minute record was kept at the British Astronomical Association in London, but a decision was taken some time ago to restore it. The film has been digitalised, and as a result, the images taken over a hundred years ago are now available in 4K. The historical footage is available to public on YouTube.


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