Texas scientists make breakthrough in immune system research - Hitecher
Ученые из Техаса сделали прорыв в изучении иммунитета

Texas scientists make breakthrough in immune system research

by Hitecher

T-lymphocytes play a critical role in the operation of our immune systems. But until recently, scientists were unable to understand how these cells learned to identify harmful cells. Scientists from the University of Texas have recently lifted the shroud of this mystery and followed by sharing an illustrative video with the world.

At the outset, T-cells do not know which targets they should attack; they learn this from the thymus — a gland that is common among many types of animals. Sometimes, T-lymphocytes mistakenly take regular cells for harmful elements, which is the reason behind various autoimmune disorders.

The video created by researchers from UT Austin shows purple T-lymphocytes and yellow dendritic cells, which are used for ‘practice’, thanks to their antigen presentation feature.

The process was recorded on video using short-impulse lasers. This discovery might aid in the development of treatment for autoimmune disorders.


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