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Дроны-спасатели Swiss Air Rescue умеют находить пропавших людей

Swiss Air Rescue Drones To Help Find Missing People

by Hitecher

Drones can perform a variety of tasks  from tending agricultural lands to military operations. Rega is a Swiss organization dedicated to saving missing people. Its representatives have recently announced that they would be using Swiss Air Rescue UAVs for their missions.

The new Swiss Air Rescue drones can carry out search operations completely on their own. The devices are equipped with numerous sensors including several cameras (operated in normal, thermal imaging and infrared spectrums) and a call tracking system. Therefore, Swiss Air Rescue drones are capable of autonomously scanning vast areas.

The information received from the cameras is processed by a special algorithm revealing the details that may be important for rescue teams. Processed data are then forwarded to operators. The device works reliably in poor visibility and rough weather conditions.

The drones use satellite navigation, can reach up to 100 m altitude, recognize power lines and adjust their course to avoid collisions. The device is presently being tested. The first drone will be delivered next year.


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