SwagBot robot farmer to be on sale in 2020 - Hitecher
Робот-фермер SwagBot должен поступить в продажу в 2020 году

SwagBot robot farmer to be on sale in 2020

by Hitecher

The AI-equipped robot farmer SwagBot was first unveiled in 2016. Since then, the company has been seeking investment. Representatives from the company have recently announced that they have raised $4.6 million and had new plans to launch the machine in 2020.

Over the past 3 years, the robot has also been significantly modernized: SwagBot became much more autonomous. It can now be taught to perform a certain function, but in the future it will even manage without human assistance and control. Because this is an agricultural machine, it will work on finding and extracting weeds, tracking the growth of grass in pastures and plants in gardens. The machine will also act as a shepherd.

The device was specially developed for large enterprises, with a simplified (and cheaper) model called Digital Farmhand created for small businesses and private customers. It will offer similar functions but will be targeted towards small-scale work. A few months from now, there will be a presentation where the company’s employees will talk about SwagBot’s ‘little brother’.


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