Scientists reveal dinosaur with bat wings - Hitecher
Ученые рассказали о динозавре с крыльями летучей мыши

Scientists reveal dinosaur with bat wings

by Hitecher

For many years, dinosaurs were depicted as enormous reptiles covered in scales, but several recent scientific discoveries confirm a new theory that many ancient inhabitants of our planet were actually covered in feathers. Researchers have recently discovered a new dinosaur species whose wings were covered in skin.

The new dinosaur species is called Ambopteryx longibrachium. Its unique feature are its wings, which are extremely similar to bat wings. Scientists claim that this species was a failed evolutionary experiment and only existed for a short period in history, which is why its discovery came as a great stroke of luck for science.

These ancient creatures lived approximately 163 million years ago, on the territory of contemporary China. Their bodies were only 30 cm in length, weighing just 200 grams. This species belongs to the Scanscorioptyx — a small family of dinosaurs that look a lot like parrots.

These dinosaurs had wings in the form of long fingers covered in leathery membranes, just like bats. Actually, this isn’t the first dinosaur with such wings. In 2015, another species was discovered in China, named Yi qi. Unlike Ambopteryx longibrachium, this dinosaur had a larger size and weight.


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