Scientists present the sound of our universe - Hitecher
Ученые показали, как звучит наша Вселенная

Scientists present the sound of our universe

by Hitecher

NASA has posted a video on their official YouTube channel showing a photo taken in space, accompanied by somewhat disturbing, but ultimately spectacular sounds. Representatives from the agency have explained that the ‘music’ was created based on ultrasound signals.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has posted a photograph of a cluster of galaxies that was taken using a Wide Field Camera 3 by the automatic observatory Hubble, which first entered orbit back in 1990.

Every detail of the photograph was paired with a unique sound created based on ultrasound signals captured in space. Small objects (such as stars and minor galaxies) were coupled with shorter, abrupt sounds, while larger objects (like spiral galaxies) were matched with longer notes with alternating pitch.

Agency representatives noted that the end result was quite unique. Users reacted to the video with hundreds of comments. Many of them thought that the ‘sounds of the universe’ were captivating, mysterious and disturbing at the same time.


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