Scientists Have Spotted One of the Rarest Objects in the Entire Space - Hitecher
Ученые нашли один из редчайших объектов во всем космосе

Scientists Have Spotted One of the Rarest Objects in the Entire Space

by Hitecher

Space is vast and it has many objects that we know to exist, but have never seen yet. Now, there is one such object less, as astronomers have recently spotted one of the rarest neutron stars in the Universe.

Due to their insufficient mass most stars do not become neuron stars degenerating into white dwarves composed of dense matter. But what will happen, if two white dwarves collide with each other? It is a result of such reaction that was found by scientists.

The object is called J005311. It is located inside a gas cloud. The star does not give off visible light, but it is 40 thousand times brighter than the Sun. J005311 is also characterized by extremely high spinning velocity producing a stellar wind of 16,000 km/s, which is 4 higher versus some of the largest stars.

The collision of two white dwarves sharply increases their mass. This process leads to the fusion of heavier elements. Such reactions generally lead to the collapse of a celestial object, but J005311 has somehow managed to survive. It is probably attributable to extremely high temperatures that allowed for non-explosive carbon ignition, and the burning prevents J005311 from turning into a supernova. Such a reaction is extremely unique, and astronomers will from now on be carefully monitoring the object’s further behavior.


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