Scientists have created a security system for pacemakers - Hitecher
Ученые создали систему безопасности для кардиостимуляторов

Scientists have created a security system for pacemakers

by Hitecher

Hackers can break into any device, including a pacemaker. The scientists at Purdue University have developed a device to avert any potential danger from patients.

Any electronic device is at risk of hacking. A lot of time and effort goes into protecting smartphones, tablets and computers from hacking, and even such vital pieces of equipment as pacemakers can be attacked.

As a rule, such medical devices are interconnected via Bluetooth. If there is an intruder in the signal coverage area (around 10 meters), he or she will be able to influence the unit’s operation and the patient will die.

The unit by the engineers at Purdue University reduces the Bluetooth radius to 5 mm forming a closed network, impossible to connect to from the outside. So, the pacemaker is protected from hacking and its power consumption is reduced.

The device looks like a watch, but in the future it will be produced as a chip to be attached to the right device. It comes with a special remote control unit that can be used to set up medical equipment.


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