Scientists discover one of the world’s oldest trees - Hitecher
Ученые обнаружили одно из древнейших в мире деревьев

Scientists discover one of the world’s oldest trees

by Hitecher

Scientists from the University of Arkansas published materials on discovering a 2624 year-old tree in a swamp near the Black River (North Carolina).

The researchers led by geologist David Stal investigated the area near the Black River for good reason. In fact, a plant with an estimated age of 1700 years was discovered there in the 1980s. After the find the area, turned into a nature preserve, was thoroughly studied.

Recently, the efforts have finally produced results when the researchers discovered two ancient cypresses, whose age is estimated at 2088 years and 2624 years, respectively.

Such conclusions were made after safe samples not affecting the trees’ health were taken.

Of great interest are not only the age of the finds but also the changes they have undergone as a result of climate change and the impact of other factors that occurred over the years. Unfortunately, the trees in the Black River area have been cut down and less than 1% of the original forest is preserved.


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