Samsung demonstrates the Galaxy Fold smartphone testing by robots - Hitecher
Samsung показала, как смартфон Galaxy Fold прошел испытания роботами

Samsung demonstrates the Galaxy Fold smartphone testing by robots

by Hitecher

The official Samsung channel on YouTube has released a video showing the endurance tests of the new flagship Galaxy Fold smartphone with robots involved in the folding mechanism testing.

Foldable smartphone are a novelty in the market and consumer concerns about the reliability of the new mobile device may well have an impact on sales. Samsung, seeking to dispel customer concerns, has demonstrated testing of the device’s folding mechanism testing.

The manufacturer entrusted the task to robots and the video features specially designed machines repeatedly opening and closing the Galaxy Fold. The displays were not damaged in any way as a result of the testing.

The Company emphasizes that the tests were run for a week with each smartphone tested about 200,000 times — an equivalent of 100 openings-closings per day in 5 years. So now Samsung customers certainly have nothing to worry about, and they can safely buy the Galaxy Fold or other foldable gadgets that will come to the market later.


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