Roscosmos Details the Rockets to Fly to the Moon - Hitecher
Роскосмос поведал о ракетах, которые полетят на Луну

Roscosmos Details the Rockets to Fly to the Moon

by Hitecher

Roscosmos Director Dmitry Rogozin met up with representatives of other countries’ space agencies, they visited the Russian Mission Control Center together and discussed the details of Moon exploration.

Roscosmos Corporation’s official YouTube channel has got a video with Rogozin showing the future rockets to his colleagues and detailing their features.

As is known, Russia is presently developing Yenisei super-heavy launcher. According to the data presented in the video, it will weigh 3,167 tons and will be able to deliver up to 27 tons of cargo to the Moon. The project also includes a more powerful launcher called “Don” with the weight of 3,281 tons, which will be able to carry up to 33 tons of cargo to the Moon.

Yenisei will make its first flight in 2027, while Don is scheduled to fly in 2029. The 20-ton new Federation spacecraft will act as payload. It is the aircraft that Roscosmos is planning to send to the Moon.

The company is also planning to build a 26-30 ton power module and cutting-edge telescopes weighing 30–40 tons.

Further technical characteristics and project details will be announced this fall. The initiative will cost about 1.2 trillion rubles.


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