Robot Sloth to Help Study Tropical Forests - Hitecher
Робот-ленивец поможет в изучении тропических лесов

Robot Sloth to Help Study Tropical Forests

by Hitecher

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have created a SLOTHBOT machine to collect information on air chemical composition and weather. Just like a real sloth, it sits on a tree and barely moves.

The SLOTHBOT is designed to operate in tropical forests where there are no more reliable sources of energy than the sun. Therefore, the developers’ decision to equip the robot with two photovoltaic panels enabling it to stay in the forest for several months in a row, looks more than reasonable.

The robot consists of two bodies, each of which has a driving motor using which the machine moves within the guide cable system. It does it exactly like a real sloth, in a hanging position and only in case of dire need. The scientists believe that this way of movement is the safest and most energy efficient for the SLOTHBOT.

The robot sloth is created using 3D printing so that winds, rains and other whims of nature could not do harm it. The developers are planning to test their invention in Costa Rica shortly.


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