Quadcopters versus catastrophes - Hitecher
Квадрокоптеры против катастроф

Quadcopters versus catastrophes

by Hitecher

From the outset, drones have been used for filming and entertainment, but who’s to say that they can’t be applied to more serious situations? Autonomous flying machines have a bright future in search operations, and it was recently proposed to use them to build sanctuaries in areas struck by disaster.

The original idea was created by Spanish firm MuDD Architects. Their construction technology was presented at a design showcase in Milan.

Unfortunately, the technology cannot be used to create a building (even a temporary one) using drones alone. But it can already help people solve emergency problems.

Construction workers start by creating a frame for the sanctuary out of bamboo stalks. Next, a drone covers it in a sturdy material, which is then sprayed with a special mixture that improves the integrity of the structure. Finally, the mixture is dried using air that is served through a hose.

The quadcopters developed by MuDD Architects need to be controlled remotely now, but the company is already working on software and special sensors that will make the devices completely autonomous. The company has great potential: in the future, it will help reduce costs and time required to save victims of earthquakes and other catastrophes.


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