Nokia presents new smartphone - Hitecher
Nokia показала новый смартфон

Nokia presents new smartphone

by Hitecher

A photo recently posted on Twitter gives away the first hints at the upcoming release. The most remarkable feature? The phone is equipped with 5 cameras.

The new release presented by HMD Global will be equipped with a full five cameras on the back panel. At least, this is what can be inferred from the photo of the Nokia 9PureView smartphone that was recently posted on Twitter. The photo was tweeted by Ben Wood, a telecom technology expert from the CCS Insight research agency.

The back panel of the phone has a built-in flash and five camera modules, with 12 megapixels each. Three of the cameras shoot in black and white, with the remaining two shooting in color.

The camera setup is somewhat similar to the way spider vision works: the modules simultaneously capture the image, which results in high-quality images from several angles. The shots are later grouped together to make a final image, which is then displayed on the user’s screen.


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