Night of the Living Dead: scientists ‘resurrect’ a pig   - Hitecher
Ночь живых мертвецов: ученые смогли «воскресить» свинью

Night of the Living Dead: scientists ‘resurrect’ a pig  

by Hitecher

It is assumed that all animals die as soon as their brains die. However, scientists have recently managed to disprove this fact by restoring brain cell activity in a pig 4 hours after the animal’s death.

The experiment, carried out by scientists at Yale University, used the heads of animals killed at a slaughterhouse. After 4 hours, they removed the brains of 32 animals and submerged them in a special liquid with a similar composition to blood. It was enriched with oxygen, sugar and other elements necessary for any living being.

Another 6 hours later, something unbelievable happened: the dead pigs’ brains started showing metabolic activity, taking in sugar and oxygen. After observing the neurons under a microscope, the researchers noted that many of them looked exactly like healthy neurons.

This discovery has launched a widespread discussion about brain disease treatment and brain resistance to disintegration.


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