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Нейросеть разработает новый сорт виски. Напиток пойдет на продажу

New Whiskey Blend Developed by Neural Network to Hit the Market

by Hitecher

Artificial intelligence is able to perform increasingly diverse tasks. As technologies have advanced this far, a computer was entrusted with the task of developing a new blend of whiskey in Sweden. The work will be performed by Swedish developers in partnership with Microsoft.

The creation of noble spirits is a complicated and long process. Making a good drink takes more than just high-quality raw materials, such as grain and water; distillation, filtration and malting also matter. A slightest deviation from the technology of these processes may affect the drink’s colour and flavour. It should be remembered that really good whiskey should sit in oak casks for a long time. The longer the liquid is kept in an oak cask, the better (and more expensive) the alcoholic beverage will be.

The neural network will be trained using legacy recipes. Sales information will also be taken into account for better understanding of consumer tastes. After analyzing all this information, artificial intelligence will create a perfect drink. The quality of the new whiskey will be checked by Mackmyra distillery tasters. According to Microsoft, the work will be completed in the autumn of 2019.


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