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Новые технологии на службе у пиццерии

New technologies at work in a pizzeria

by Hitecher

Domino is a company that greatly prizes their reputation, which is why they make sure that their clients only receive perfect products. To effectively ensure pizza quality, the company has turned to new technologies.

One of the company’s shops has an unusual employee: a DOM Pizza Checker scanner equipped with artificial intelligence. It is used to scan meals that are prepared for clients. The device is tasked with identifying low-quality products to ensure that all clients receive only the best products.

The advantages of using a machine for this task instead of a human are evident: the work is boring and repetitive, leading human employees to easily make mistakes at the end of the day by missing a poorly prepared meal. Technology never gets tired and doesn’t feel any emotions, which makes it better suited to this task.

AI can identify the type of food, its ingredients, distribution of toppings, dough quality and other crucial variables. High-quality pizza is given to delivery personnel, while low-quality meals are trashed. By the way, Domino is known for their interest towards cutting-edge technology: the company has also been implementing delivery drones for some time.


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