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Neural network makes heavy metal music in real-time

Neural network makes heavy metal music in real-time

by Hitecher

The project created by Boston-based developers CJ Carr and Zack Zukowski is called Dadabots. They are currently working on teaching artificial intelligence to make music, most notably - to write death metal songs.

Several years ago, the developers presented a musical album titled ‘Coditany of Timeness’ to the world; it was entirely created by a neural network they had created. The record was made in the black metal genre, which is known for fast-paced passages and aggressively sounding instruments. The network has also worked in other genres, creating, for example, a songbook in the style of the Beatles.

The Dadabots project didn’t end there, with developers giving complete freedom to the algorithm, allowing it to create songs in real-time on YouTube. This time, the program is creating death metal style songs, which is yet another subgenre of extreme music.

According to project participants, the resulting compositions satisfy all the conditions of death metal music, without requiring any amendments or fine-tuning. The neural network was trained using songs made by Canadian band Archspire.

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