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Mousegun — новый вид геймпадов для шутеров

Mousegun, a New Type of Gamepad for Shooters

by Hitecher

Chinese manufacturer Ragnok has presented a new type of a game controller. The gadget is designed exclusively for shooters, first-person games involving a lot of shooting. The device is designed as a hybrid of a vertical joystick and a pistol.

The manufacturer modelled the device on the well-known Desert Eagle pistol imitating its shape in the handle. A gamer using a gadget feels a certain weight as if he is holding a real weapon in his hand.

The Mousegun can be used not only for games, but also as a regular mouse. The sensitivity of the device’s optical sensor is 3200 dpi, the bottom of the handle is slightly expanded to ensure greater stability. The Battery capacity is 800 mAh.

The Mousegun keys are arranged symmetrically making the gadget equally comfortable for right- and left-handers. The device’s mechanics perfectly mimic the trigger including misfire and recoil. The device is equipped with programmable buttons. It can be pre-ordered at $118.


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