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Представлен проект базы на Луне

Moon base concept revealed

by Hitecher

The project was created by Greek students from the National Technical University of Athens in collaboration with the ESA (European Space Agency).

The European Space Agency presented a moon base concept design on their website, which was created by a group of Greek architecture students spearheaded by Angelis Alfatzis. It’s worth noting that the project is more than just a pretty picture: it represents a comprehensive plan of the base, including measures ensuring resistance to environmental effects and complete safety for its inhabitants.

Moon base concept revealed

Extreme temperatures, solar radiation, gravity and meteor showers represent the main challenges standing in the way of long-term habitation on the moon.  Specific solutions were proposed for all of them.

The base will be built from inflatable modules prepared exclusively from materials available on the satellite. It will be located in a small crater on the south pole of the space object. Each module will have its own life-support system and will be equipped with protection from radiation and meteors.

You can find our more information about the project in the video below.


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  1. Ulrich Lödel

    Ulrich Lödel

    Gute Idee sowie interessantes Thema/Projekt, das ich weiter verfolgen werde...auch hinsichtlich evtl. Missionen in den "tieferen" Raum. Da wir jo mittlerweile bereits im Februar Frühlingstemperaturen vorfinden, stellt sich die Frage, wie lange wir noch auf diesem Planeten existieren können.