Minecraft Earth to follow the success of Pokemon Go - Hitecher
Minecraft Earth повторит успех Pokemon Go

Minecraft Earth to follow the success of Pokemon Go

by Hitecher

Ten years ago, the famous game of Minecraft was first released. When celebrating this anniversary, Microsoft announced the upcoming summer release of Minecraft Earth: a new game within this game universe that would actively use augmented reality technology.

The new product will be an updated version of the original Minecraft, incorporating the latest trends in gaming. Users will only need their smartphones to play, with the entire world serving as their platform. The game will have a Bedrock engine at its core, which will add a lot of vibrance to the game, according to project lead Torfi Olafsson.

Developers are particularly focusing on collective gameplay mode, which will enable several users to interact with the same objects. Players will be able to compete with each other, making Minecraft Earth even more interesting. In their interactions, users will be able to seek out allies, build unions or wage wars on others. Because these situations will be set in the real world, the process will be much more interesting, because the game will offer a staggering amount of potential situations to play out.


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