Microsoft works on new Windows for weak computers - Hitecher
Microsoft готовит новую Windows для слабых компьютеров

Microsoft works on new Windows for weak computers

by Hitecher

Users that don’t have access to high-performing equipment will soon get a chance to use a new version of the operating system that was specially developed for this market segment.

The project is running under the temporary code name Lite OS. Journalist Brad Sams has revealed snapshots of the operating system interface on Twitter.

Looking at the image, you’ll notice some elements characteristic of earlier versions of Windows: for example, the Start button is located in the middle of the lower panel. There are also some significant distinctions from other operating systems, like the search bar on the home screen, which must have been inspired by Google products.

In fact, competition with this tech giant was named as the main reason for the creation of this ‘Windows for poor people’. The operating system will give the company a significant advantage in the education sector and other industries that do not require the purchase of expensive and powerful computers.

One of the downsides of this system noted by reviewers is that the user is bound to the Microsoft Store without the option of loading programs from other sources. But it’s possible that this is just a temporary or conditional feature.

The full presentation of the OS is set to take place at the Build 2019 conference in May.


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