Meet HyQReal: a tow robot that can move a 3 tonne plane - Hitecher
Робот-буксировщик HyQReal может передвинуть 3-тонный самолет

Meet HyQReal: a tow robot that can move a 3 tonne plane

by Hitecher

The four-legged HyQReal robot was developed by scientists at the Italian Institute of Technology and presented at the ICRA 2019 conference. The machine demonstrated some uncanny talents at the event: despite its small size, it managed to move a 3 tonne plane across a 14 meter distance.

HyQReal is a small towing device developed by an international group of researchers based at the Italian Institute of Technology. Their goal was to build a completely autonomous quadruped robot capable of crossing difficult terrains. HyQReal will be able to solve a variety of problems, but it will be mostly focused on rescue operations.

The machine is 1.33 meters in length and 90 cm tall, weighing in at approximately 130 kg. The high level of autonomy of HyQReal is made possible thanks to built-in wireless connection and hydraulics. The device is equipped with four engines powered by a 48V battery. The machine also includes two computers: for vision and control.

A kevlar shell, protective aluminium mesh, and elements made of plastic and fiberglass all contribute to the device’s superior durability. Its legs are covered in rubber for improved traction.


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