“Marker” Platform: Russia prepares an army of robots - Hitecher
Платформа «Маркер»: Россия готовит армию роботов

“Marker” Platform: Russia prepares an army of robots

by Hitecher

The Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects posted a video clip demonstrating the truly amazing g capabilities of the "Marker" experimental platform.

The video caused heated discussions in the mass media. A number of competent experts assume that in the near future unmanned tanks and automatic drones will form the backbone of the Russian army.

The video demonstrates how the system fires at various moving targets. Especially worth noting is the moment when the tank receives a task from a nearby soldier and copies the movements of his machine gun. Presumably, the robot received the coordinates of the sight enabling it to shoot precisely at the target.

«Marker» will serve as an excellent base for further development of combat robots and drones, which will be deployed in special units. Russia is not the only country involved in automatic weapons development. Nobody wants to risk their soldiers’ lives in vain, so similar systems are being developed in China, the U.S. and other countries.


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