Luna-29 mission may be led by robot - Hitecher
Миссию «Луна-29» может возглавить робот

Luna-29 mission may be led by robot

by Hitecher

According to recently leaked information, the moon rover for the Luna-29 mission might be piloted by an anthropomorphic robot - presumably, FEDOR - currently being developed by NPO ‘Androidnaya Technika’ and the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects.

The robot will have to control a 1.3-tonne vehicle set to be launched to the satellite in 2028. Transportation will be performed using the Angara-A5B launch vehicle.

Luna-29 is just one part of the roadmap defined by Roskosmos to study the near-Earth environment, which is defined up until 2030. It also includes plans to launch interplanetary stations Luna-25 and Luna-27. The Luna-2026 device will collect lunar regolith while the Luna-2028 station will transport soil samples back to Earth.

FEDOR — introduced several years ago — is a machine that has been in the works since 2014. The robot can function both independently and in avatar mode, by copying the actions of a remote operator in an exoskeleton transmitting information to the machine. The robot will become a welcome addition to any space mission thanks to its convenient control system, excellent feedback and many other useful features.


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