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Looking Glass Pro — новый тип компьютерного дисплея

Looking Glass Pro: a new kind of computer display

by Hitecher

Looking Glass is an American startup which has received funding of over $14 million last year to build the first ever holographic display that doesn’t require additional filters to operate. In the end, the company chose to build an entire computer.

The screen is a particularly interesting component in the new system. It was built based on a standard 4K display, however it also has an additional coating which resembles a lens. Thanks to this new feature, users will be able to work with 3D images inside the monitor. This will be made possible due to program processing of the image and its division into separate parts which are displayed on the screen in a particular order.

The system is based on Intel NUC 8 VR mini PC with an additional sensor screen. The developers selected this solution for a reason: 3D images inspire users to interact with them via sensors, an option that is not supported by the main display. The device is based on a Windows operating system. The display will cost $3 thousand to purchase, with the entire system going for twice as much.


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