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Lomogon Art lens – a lens for true photographers

Lomogon Art lens – a lens for true photographers

by Hitecher

The Lomogon is the tenth lens from a New York startup called Lomography. It stands out among its competitors thanks to the range of features and characteristics it offers. The project is raising money on Kickstarter at the moment.

If you are tired of so-so shots, the Lomogon 2.5/32 Art Lens is the one you should go for. Lomograhpy, its New York-based manufacturer, has gained great popularity among photographers, as each lens has been truly unique.

Lomogon is an artistic lens with several amazing features that will make it the best friend of photographers with an active lifestyle.

Pictures taken with Lomogon are clear, thanks to the enhanced color reproduction and contrast. In this respect, the lens is similar to Lomo LC-A+, another Lomography model.

Lomogon’s ideally round apertures give a unique circular bokeh, different from what you can get on another camera. Thanks to its wide focal range, the lens can be used to zoom in and zoom out of the object without loss of quality, and it takes a fraction of a second to shoot.

This device will enable your keen eye to capture all the smallest details.


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