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Придуман язык для общения людей и машин

Language for human-autonomous cars communication is here

by Hitecher

Jaguar, keen to facilitate the interaction between people and driverless taxis, and has developed a language of its own for this purpose.

Driverless vehicles have long since learned how to understand each other but an encounter between a human and an autonomous car can cause confusion for both. How do you know which way the driverless car is going to move? When will it start? These questions have been in the minds of engineers from leading automotive companies for many years. Jaguar has recently presented its solution to the outstanding issues.

According to the company’s specialists, people and cars should communicate with the help of light signals. The car projects a series of light signals on the ground indicating its intentions, the pedestrian sees them and acts accordingly. The signs are light bars indicating the movement direction and the car’s speed. You can watch the novelty’s presentation on the video below.

It is noteworthy that not only Jaguar, but Ford and other companies are also working on such a technology. However, cars from all manufacturers should speak a common “language”, so companies will have to put aside their disagreements and devise a uniform signal system.


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