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IKEA выходит в онлайн

IKEA goes online

by Hitecher

Many companies are gradually shifting from their retail sales model to online apps. IKEA is no exception, announcing an upcoming release of a mobile app for shopping.

Until recently, the furniture giant stayed true to tradition, selling exclusively in large stores on the outskirts of cities, while their mobile apps were just a pleasant bonus. But times are changing, and the company has decided to actively develop their remote sales. These plans were shared by IKEA IT director Barbara Martin Coppola.

The upcoming app will allow clients to not only make purchases, but also try their hand at interior design, selecting the best positioning for their new furniture. Augmented reality technology will help them out in this pursuit. Using the new app on their gadget, any user will be able to select the best items for their home.

The program will be launched in France and the Netherlands in late 2019. The app will later be released in other major markets.


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