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IKEA creates furniture of the future

IKEA creates furniture of the future

by Hitecher

Widespread migration into major metropolitan areas is leading to an increase in real estate prices and a reduction in living areas. Each square meter makes a difference, and future furniture has to make effective use of available space. Furniture giant IKEA is currently working on developing the right technology to achieve this.

In an effort to tackle today’s challenges, the world famous company is working on creating a robotic furniture complex called Rognan, which will allow users to take full advantage of the living space that is available to them.

The complex is made up of a double bed, two cupboards, a couch, a bookshelf, a desk and a multimedia module which is used to control this complex.

All of the elements in the complex are equipped with an internal movement system and can shift within a predefined area. Users need to send a particular command if they want to move their furniture.

Rognan was built in a way that would allow it to fit into rooms of any shape. When properly used, it can save up to 8 square meters of space. The complex will be made available for purchase in Japan and Hong Kong by 2020.

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