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Курица довольна: ученые нашли белковую замену яйцам

Hens Are Happy: Scientists Find Protein Substitute for Eggs

by Hitecher

Chicken eggs are a staple ingredient of modern day eating and an excellent source of proteins needed by the human body. But the market is full of counterfeits making this product the cause of the greatest number of food poisoning cases.

Scientists have long aspired to create a high-quality alternative to chicken eggs. The first artificial egg substitute hit the market in 2015. It was a vegan omelette made of algae as its main ingredient. This raw material was subsequently replaced with soy. Sometimes, manufacturers also use pumpkin seeds to produce eggs in liquid form.

Recently, the industry has seen another breakthrough: American company Just Inc. has developed a method to obtain proteins from beans. The technology was invented at the end of last year, and the company has produced more than 3 million liquid eggs as of today.

The product is quite suitable both for cooking dishes where chicken eggs are the main ingredient, and as an additive, for example, in baking. The main consumers of the new product will be people who abstain from eating food of animal origin.


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