Harvard scientists have created an ultramodern exoskeleton - Hitecher
Гарвардские ученые создали суперсовременный экзоскелет

Harvard scientists have created an ultramodern exoskeleton

by Hitecher

The device’s main advantage over its peers is the ability to adapt to user specifics.

An exoskeleton is a device designed to restore or enhance a user’s natural abilities. It is an external frame that replicates human biomechanics. A person is placed inside and controls the artificial arms and legs like his own.

This invention can be used in a broad variety of fields: from medicine (helping people with disabilities) to construction. Military and space corporations have already demonstrated a keen interest in the technology.

The existing devices are cumbersome and this major drawback makes them hard to control. The Harvard scholars focused on addressing the issue and developed an innovative exoskeleton made of lightweight materials. The functionalities have not been compromised – actually they have been enhanced.

Artificial intelligence technology has helped expand the exoskeleton’s capabilities. Based on mathematical algorithms, the device learns to better understand the user, adjusts to his or her gait and other specifics. By collecting data about its owner, the exoskeleton becomes an extension of the person’s body…


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