Green Icebergs: How and Why? - Hitecher
Зеленые айсберги: как и почему?

Green Icebergs: How and Why?

by Hitecher

We are all used to think of icebergs as white or blue, but in the 20th century saw the discovery of green-colour icebergs. The mysterious natural phenomenon has excited and puzzled scientists, and its causes could not be determined to date.

The cause of the emergence of green bergs was found by scientists from the University of Washington (USA): it turned out that ice owes its emerald colour to iron oxide, which is abundant in Antarctica. Glaciers’ constant movement grinds the rocks, and various chemical compounds get into the glaciers colouring them.

Iron is required to sustain the life of many marine species, but it is very scarce in many parts of the ocean, which has a detrimental impact on the marine flora and fauna. Green icebergs are a powerful source of minerals and other nutrients, which is why they are often referred to as «marine waiters».

They are also notable for their small sizes, especially in comparison to white-colour glaciers, which can be as big as some megacities or even small countries.


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