Flying taxis are one step closer to reality - Hitecher
Летающие такси стали еще на один шаг ближе

Flying taxis are one step closer to reality

by Hitecher

German-based company Lilium Jet has been talking about plans to create an electric flying taxi service for a long time, with the ultimate goal of reducing traffic on the streets and harmful emissions in the air. Their prototype airplane has recently made its first flight.

The aircraft runs exclusively on electricity. One full battery charge can last for a 300 km flight. The plane can make this journey in an hour. The vehicle can transport up to five passengers at a time.

Plane flight is made possible thanks to 12 propellers in the front of the device and 24 on its wings. Its jet engines enable both horizontal and vertical flight.

The company recently tested their invention on the outskirts of Munich: the device performed successful takeoff and landing. At that time, there were no passengers or pilot inside the aircraft. Lilium Jet intends to rollout a comprehensive air taxi service by 2025, and even though the goal is rather ambitious, the company is doing everything they can to achieve it.


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